About C III Industries

Our Roots

Having over two decades of extensive experience in the pre-finishing industry, Jim Currie founded C III Industries in 1998. Since opening their doors, C III Industries was created on the belief that design ingenuity and improved productivity was the key to progressing the pre-finishing industry. With great emphasis on advancing overall manufacturing of equipment as well as increasing the customer’s understanding and training, C III Industries has been pioneering the pre-finishing the industry since day one. Staying to true to our core values:

  • C - Complete, personalized machinery manufactured to your needs.
  • U - Unsurpassed quality control.
  • S - State of the art systems.
  • T - Technical support.
  • O - On-site equipment set-up and training.
  • M - Machine upgrades and replacement parts.
  • E - Ensuring our clients are well-versed on their equipment.
  • R - Revolutionizing manufactured equipment designs and supply.


Our Goal

CIII Industries directs its efforts to providing the products and services as needed by the customer. We make sure our customers get what will best fit their operations and guarantee the highest quality in both our products and our services By the pre-finishing industry standards, we are the fastest growing equipment manufacturer in the nation and our first-rate, full service approach is second to none. Our decades of experience and progress-driven results guarantee C III Industries is your ideal choice for any pre-finish equipment!